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Luxuries for Less

Sunday, September 27, 2014 @11am


Kristen Hagopian

Kristen Hagopian

Talk Radio Show Host
Syndicated Personal Finance Columnist
Speaker, Author
Brilliant Frugal Living

Live a Luxurious Life, for Less!

Are you looking to get more for your hard-earned money? Tune into Mind Your Own Business Radio to hear The Kristen Hagopian Show on Sundays at 11am to enjoy dozens of easy, proven strategies on how to live a fantastic, luxurious life without breaking the bank!

In the years since she wrote Brilliant Frugal Living, Kris has become the go-to gal for households looking to get more for their money, with fantastic weekly advice on how to slash spending for food, clothing, home improvement, losing weight, raising kids, buying cars, wonderful vacations, real estate and much more!

Enjoying guests & interviews ranging from Authors, Famous Chefs, Real Estate & Home Improvement Experts, Government Officials, Health Professionals and other nationally-recognized newsmakers, Kristen’s take-no-prisoners (and no debt!) attitude are a fabulous breath of fresh air for hard-working Americans struggling to make ends meet.

Host Bio:
Kristen Hagopian is a Syndicated Personal Finance Columnist, Wealth Building Motivational Speaker and Author of Brilliant Frugal Living. She writes for The Daily Local News, Yahoo and others, with readers nationwide enjoying her money-saving strategies. Her weekly Talk Show, in addition to regular Consumer Reporting segments for ABC, NBC, Fox News and other major networks, brings her wealth-building message to millions. She resides with her husband and two children just outside Philadelphia, PA.

Fat Pets, Payroll and Kid Safety

Saturday, September 27, 2014 at 11am



Jamal Ayyad

Jamal Ayyad
VP of Service

SurePayroll, Inc.

Top 10 payroll mistakes small business owners make -

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Speak softly but carry a big…goal. Jamal Ayyad doesn’t take his job lightly. With quiet intensity this 20-year service veteran understands the weight of the SurePayroll Customer Care team’s mission.

Moving more than $14 billion in small business payroll processing hundreds of thousands of tax filings annually and fielding hundreds of thousands of payroll inquiries from our customers nationwide – it’s a big job. We process payroll for small business owners (SMBOs) fueling our very economy. Payroll isn’t just a service, it is how our customers and their employees (hundreds of thousands) feed their children, and pay their mortgages. Many SMBOs consider employees as their second family. So customer service questions about payroll are critically important.

Ayyad leads a team of more than 70 customer service professionals. His ingenuity and deft ability to adapt and triage has surged throughout his teams. So at critical moments like yearend, when his team is fielding thousands of inquiries a day our customers get almost immediate service –a live answer in less than 20 seconds.

“Next to extensive payroll training, we instill in our reps that every question is intensely important to every customer. Our goal is one call resolution. It may not always possible depending on the complexity but the team is committed and that is likely why our service scores are above and beyond the competition,” says Aayad.

WithAyyad’s leadership SurePayroll is able to deliver leading technology, security and personal expert service to tens of thousands of small businesses nationwide resulting in perhaps the most telling of performance measures – client retention at an all-time high that outpaces large competitors by about 20% far exceeding payroll industry benchmarks.


Dan BartonDan Barton

Splash and Dash
Groomerie and Boutique

Obesity in pets -

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Dan Barton is a successful author, entrepreneur and speaker, and is known as the Pet Business Coach.

He began his entrepreneurial career with a lemonade stand at a very young age. Eventually, at age 28 he became a franchise owner of World Gym Orlando. One gym became five, and eventually he was brought on board as CFO.

Segueing into the world of pets and grooming, Dan opened Hollywood Premier Pets, a grooming salon and retail pet supply store, located in Palm Desert, CA. A short time after opening, he won the “Retailer of the Year” award for Outstanding Merchandising from Pet Product News International in 2011.

Drawing upon his 15 years experience in the fitness industry and seeing the potential for a membership based dog-bathing system, Dan set out to change the pet industry with the creation of Splash and Dash for Dogs, a membership based dog-bathing program that provides unlimited access to a spa-like treatments on a monthly basis. Splash and Dash for Dogs was an overnight success at Hollywood Premier Pets.

With a new found profit center in his shop, Dan perfected his system and took Splash and Dash for Dogs on the national stage through a licensing program, so other shop owners could benefit from his success. With a few leftover hours of free time, Dan has written his first book Stop YOUR Bitchin’ and Start Making REAL Money! The honest truth of what it takes to succeed in the Pet Industry.


New Monthly Segment – Not on My Watch

with Michael MercerMichael Mercer
Director of Operations
Keeping Kids Safe

Public Restroom Safety -

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Michael brings his experience in Law Enforcement, Community Policing and family dedication to Keeping Kids Safe. Michael’s career in Law Enforcement  spans 21 years and has allowed him the opportunity to specialize in many areas and obtain the skills necessary to provide a safe environment for the communities he served. Some of his specialized training include, Management of Aggressive Behavior, FBI Hostage Negotiation Training, Drug Enforcement Agency Investigation School and Criminal Investigation School.

He worked as a gang liaison officer and also specialized in community action and policing. Michael graduated from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and the Mesa Arizona Police Academy. He studied Administration of Justice at Arizona State University. Michael served in the US Navy Reserves as a Master at Arms, Petty Officer 2nd Class. Michael is also active in many community based activities. Michael served on the board of trustees for the North Deering Congregational Church. He is a 3rd degree Mason and a Shriner. Michael coached youth basketball and baseball and also worked with inner-city youth sports.

“I  believe  that our children need positive adult influences in their lives. I believe we need to create new strategies for youth and adults to work together to strengthen our communities. We need to identify and mobilize untapped community resources, also known as “Asset Mapping.”  We can all make a difference if we use our strengths together and help Keep Kids Safe.”