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Advertise with us!



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Mind Your Own Business Radio

If it’s your business, we’re talking about it!


When your ad airs on Mind Your Own Business, you get a twofold advantage: traditional radio exposure and worldwide exposure via the internet because we combine our web site with the airwaves. This means your ad is heard on WLOB 1310 AM and streams live on

And, because we believe it’s a consumer driven world and that you shouldn’t be tied to the radio at a specific time, we make our show audio available for DOWNLOAD from our web site after the show airs. All ads are kept in tact so your ad kind of lives on and is heard each time someone downloads the show audio. Now that’s VALUE!


Why Should You Advertise?

To keep your name out there in the minds of current and potential customers. We also advertise to maintain our brand and to establish a reputation of quality and excellent customer service.

When your ad airs, people may not grab their cell or drive to your business just to tell you they heard your ad on such and such a station – nobody does this!  But, if they’ve heard your ad played on the air consistently, they ARE more likely to think of you and your business the next time they, a friend or a family member find themselves in need of your services, and that’s why we advertise on radio.

Remember, new customers can’t contact you if they don’t know you exist! If you don’t advertise, you’re left with word of mouth. This may be enough for a few types of businesses, but not for the majority of businesses out there.

A 30 second ad can add value to your business, and radio ads are fantastic traffic drivers. Give the consumer your particular call to action whether it’s to make a call, print off a coupon or go to a site to learn more.  Talk about convenience for the consumer!

Consider a radio ad for your business on Mind Your Own Business Radio.



  • 50% of the population read the NEWSPAPER

  • 70% of the population watch Cable TV

  • But 94% of the population STILL LISTEN TO RADIO – that’s right – 94% !

  • 9 out of 10 people listen to radio ads – they won’t change the station during commercials.  Powerful stuff !

Put your advertising dollars where they’ll bring you the most value, on the radio.

Who listens to WLOB? People just like you!

News Talk WLOB Radio of Portland, Maine is a locally owned and operated station whose owner is passionate about quality, conservative talk radio.

News Talk WLOB is the 2nd most popular talk radio station in Maine. Broadcasting to listeners from Kennebunk to Augusta and Bridgton to Rockland, WLOB 1310AM reaches 75% of the Maine’s population. Our listeners come from all walks of life and all business sectors from homemaker to employee to business owner to political official. The average demographic is male, 18-65 and female 25-55. These listeners are educated and have disposable income. If they’re interested in local and national news, politics, sports and business, they’re listening to News Talk WLOB, Maine’s Big Talker.

Private ownership means you deal with the decision makers.

Bigger is NOT always better. Because WLOB is privately owned and we offer our listeners a local radio show, your specific requests are addressed quickly and you will deal directly with Debi in regard to Mind Your Own Business Radio.

Mind Your Own Business Info

  • Mind Your Own Business airs on WLOB, 1310 AM and streams globally via
  • All show audios are archived and available for download immediately after the show airs and includes all advertising played during the show, allowing your ad to live on in cyber infinity.
  • We tackle issues that you, your customers, family and friends deal with every day.
  • We discuss topics that pertain to all aspects of small business, but we’re not afraid to have fun or ask the burning questions.
  • We are the place to advertise if you want to reach decision makers.
  • We hit your target demographics.
  • We bring a unique approach to business talk radio.
  • We have a passion for small business and personal business issues.


Advertising Options on Mind Your Own Business Radio

1. One Month

Air your 30-second ad for ONE MONTH, on 4 consecutive MYOB shows, at least once per show.


2. Anchor Advertiser

Same as above but advertise monthly, without interruption and we’ll also add your link/logo to our web site for the duration. You will also have a 10 minute monthly segment where you can talk about your business or offer helpful tips in regard to your expertise. This helps you become the expert in the eyes of the public. The audio is posted on MYOB site and is also made available to you for download to be used or posted as you wish.


3. Web Site Ad

Place your Link/Logo in the left column of our site for one month.



Contact Debi for more information.

Payable by cash, business check or major credit card with Paypal. All advertising is subject to prior approval and payable in advance of scheduled airing.