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Sunday, November 30, 2013 @ 1pm



Jennifer Barbour

Jennifer Barbour

Crystal Ponti

Crystal Ponti

The Mother of
All Meltdowns

When being Mom
gets rough –

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Jennifer Barbour is a professional writer and new media marketing consultant. Based in Brunswick, Maine, she’s the proud mom of two boys and two dogs. Jennifer is the author of the Another Jennifer blog, curator of All Things Left-Handed and creator of the Simple Giving Lab. She writes for Mom Bloggers for Social Good and is the Philanthropy Editor at pplkind. She is also a contributing author of the book The Mother Of All Meltdowns. Her passions are writing, philanthropy, her awesome family and bacon, though not necessarily in that order.

Crystal Ponti is a digital marketing consultant and online community expert who has worked for some of the largest sites in the world. She is currently focused on helping authors market their books in the most efficient and productive ways possible—both on and offline. Most recently she served as Managing Editor, Contributing Author, and publisher of the book The Mother of All Meltdowns, a tell-all collection of moms’ finest (worst, completely awful) moments. She also blogs at MommiFried, an outlet for her creative writing and a way for her to share her later-in-motherhood experiences with all women and parents. When she is not busy consulting, blogging, or writing, she can be found nurturing a beautiful family of five children, one much-younger husband, and a cat that drives them all up the wall.


about-andiLisa TeagueX
Lisa Teague

Andi Teague


Quiet Home Paints

Organic Paint –

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We are a mother-daughter team passionate about color and design. With a common mission to create a paint line for children’s rooms that was not only beautiful and cohesive but safe for both earth and child, the Quiet Nursery Collection was born. Once established, we added the home line to encourage the use of safe, beautiful paints in the whole home.

Lisa (mother, co-founder, lead designer) has over 25 years of industry experience working with color and designing beautiful spaces. An artist first and foremost, her creativity comes across clearly in all of her work. She is not afraid of color, rather embraces it as a powerful design tool and talking point.

Her work can be seen in various publications including Elle Décor, Country Living, and NH Home.

Andi (daughter, co-founder, marketing and product manager) is the driving force behind making Quiet Home Paints a reality. She shares her mother’s artistic interests and capabilities while managing the business end of the company. She finds her creative inspiration through nature and travel, both of which you will find hints of throughout the collection.

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