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New Maine-in-Made Movie - Orchard Revolution

Saturday, March 8, 2014 @ 1pm



Matt Byron, Eddie Baldasaro

Matt Byron and Eddie Baldasaro, Producers of New Maine Movie

Orchard Revolution

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The world premiere of the Maine film Orchard Revolution will be on March 16, 2014 at the Cinemagic Theater in Westbrook Maine at 4:30PM.

Tickets have been mailed to cast members who live locally. If you need additional tickets, they can be purchased from Cinemagic online.Bluray

The movie will be released online (at on March 17th.

The movie includes interviews with doctors, authors, attorneys, engineers, professors, personal trainers and environmental experts. Nearly 150 people and organizations were involved in the production!

Orchard Revolution focuses on improving the health of the American people and the health of the environment.

Orchard Revolution has been submitted to film festivals throughout the world. Showings are being scheduled with non-profit organizations, independent movie theaters, college campuses and public television stations all across America.


Deborah CookX
Deborah Cook – Replay

Practice Portland

What is Yoga? –

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Deb has been studying yoga for 30 years, first as a tool for improved focus in college and then to add balance to a busy professional life as a communications consultant. Certified as a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Nidra Teacher from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox MA,

Deb has been teaching since 2000 and continues to train, assist with programs at Kripalu and study with Kripalu’s Senior Teachers. Deb’s advanced training includes using Yoga as Therapy for Medical Issues to support treatment of common medical issues. Deb opened the doors to PRACTICE in April 2013 to offer a quiet and soothing studio in downtown Portland to bring the tools of yoga and meditation to the business community and to all who look to actively participate in maximizing their health and vitality.

Contact: or (207) 774-1852.

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